"It was this moment that made her freedom and living in the wild all the more essential. There under the night sky dazzling with stars, she gazed out across the vast miles of open range. As a free and independent being, she alone had the right and the power to decide to whom she would or would not give herself. It was entirely her choice. And for female elephants, the exercise of that choice is simple: she simply stepped forward."

Through Wind and Fire

Georgia L. Lininger

Through Wind and Fire  is Georgia Lininger's first novel. She began her research and writing for it in 2007. It is the culmination of many years of hard work, research, investigation and exploration into the world of captive wildlife, the ivory trade, animal abuse, zoos, circuses, sanctuaries and domestic and wildlife rescues in the United States and around the world. Stay tuned as updates arise before publication.

This book is what inspired Georgia to found The Salus Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization and one day sanctuary dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and safety of captive wildlife in North America. Please check out www.SalusSanctuary.org for further details.