"Shh, my love, and listen well,

For I have a gift for you,

A key for a door to a wondrous world,

A kingdom called the Land of Walloo.

Walloo is where skies turn green,

And fish can fly,

Where the trees can walk, and talk,

and sigh..."

Georgia L. Lininger

The Land of Walloo

The Land of Walloo  is Georgia Lininger's first book for children. It is illustrated by the incredibly talented Jo Gershman. Released on September 6th, 2016 in both e-book and paperback, it is available at all major retailers. Stay tuned as more information arises!  

If you would like to buy copies directly from this site, please contact us for further details. Or please check out Amazon Smile for purchase and to support your favorite charity. Thank you!